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Airslide Fabrics

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Air-slide fabrics (fluidization fabrics) are applied in the cement industry to secure smoothly loading/unloading bulk cement powders transport by truck (silo), train (wagon) or boat, silo discharge, mixing, storage, distribution and transportation of bulk cement powders.

These air-slide fabrics are used for the pneumatic conveying of fine dry products like cement, also called “pulverulents”. The air-slide consists of a chamber separated by a permeable cloth. The chamber is inclined at a very slight angle (as low as 1.5°). Compressed air is injected into the lower chamber which then goes through the media and “fluidises” the cement powder. The cement then behaves like a fluid and “flows” down the length of the chamber. 

Air-slide fabrics of SHARE are used to transport solids with high flow rate over long distances. Air-slides provide an efficient and low energy system with a minimum maintenance for transport bulk as well as smooth mass flow. Powder moves on the fluidization conveyor. The conveyor doesn’t move. It is the airflow through the air-slide fabric that removes the friction between the powder and the textile materials : the powder flows smoothly and evenly. Energy requirements are minimal because only a small volume of air at a low pressure is required to move material.

Air-slide Fabrics are also called: aero cloth, airslide canvas, airslide conveyor or belts, aeration pads, fluxo channels fluids, …..

Air-slide fabric is a semi-permeable textile cloth which allows air to pass through but not the products.


  • No moisture absorption
  • No caking
  • Resistant to rotting and decomposition
  • Complete unloading without residues
  • Consistent fluidization over the complete surface
  • Good resistance to abrasion
  • Low wear and therefore longer life
  • Low shrinkage even when used under hot and humid conditions

Available In

  • Thickness : 4.5 mm, 6 mm up to 8 mm and up to 2.10 meters
  • Length : As per client’s requirement


  • Cement industries :  cement plant ,bulk cement truck and ship
  • Mining industries  : aluminium,lime,coal,phosphates
  • Chemical plants    :  soda
  • Power plants        :  coal,desulfurize
  • Food industry       :  flour

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