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Stainless Steel Printing Mesh

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Highly accurate registration, precision ink deposit control and high abrasion resistance top the list of benefits prompting printers to choose stainless steel wire mesh when selecting a screen printing screen. The stainless steel mesh that SHARE's screen printing screens are made of is known for its excellent dimensional stability and the narrow tolerance of its overall fabric thickness, which provides uniform and accurate aperture widths, stainless steel's strength allows thinner wire diameters to be used.

Unlike synthetic screen printing screen fabrics, stainless steel screen printing mesh will not absorb moisture and is unaffected by temperature. It virtually will not shrink, stretch or sag. In addition, SHARE screen printing mesh is dimensionally stable yet elastic enough so highly-tensioned, drum-tight screen printing screens can be stretched and printed with a minimum off-contact distance. This capability ensures the most accurate and consistent screen printing results.


Screen Printing Mesh Stability
The use of stainless steel in screen printing screens assures excellent dimensional stability. Even if the screen printing mesh is fixed at an angle to the stencil frame of the screen printing screen, it keeps its rectangular form and the wire diameter does not change by parallelogram displacement.

Electrostatic Charge
Screen printing mesh does not emit an electrostatic charge.

Moisture Absorption and Temperature
Stainless steel wires do not absorb moisture so SHARE mesh's screen printing screen performance is not adversely affected by applied temperatures up to a maximum of 600°C (1112°F).


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