SHARE's new Logo has been launched

After several days' work, SHARE has officially launched her new logo.

 New logo is composed of three elements: 1. Mesh Grids, which shows filtration and screening products that SHARE offers 2. SHARE, which is the trademark of the whole group, embedding the meaning that SHARE is welcome to work with clients all over the world and SHARE believes that only mutual-cooperation and understanding and win-win or share will make the business from both sides successful and flourishing. 3. Products for Filtration, Separation, Sifting and Printing, this is the slogan of the Corporate and this also shows what products SHARE offers.

After more than 20 years fast development, SHARE has developed into a comprehensive enterprise supplying products for Filtration, Separation, Sifting and Printing; In order to catch up with the industrial trends and satisfy clients' progressing needs, SHARE is always trying her best to update her corporate culture, upgrading her production equipments and introducing the latest technology.

SHARE also believes that the fastest development and progress made in the past 30 years could not be achieved without our clients' support and help, we believe that our customer service still has huge space to upgrade and we can do more for our clients. SHARE will continue to work towards the goal " Products Quality Always come first, and Customer Service will the best companion to make the products more satisfactory to our clients".

SHARE is looking forward to continuing with with our clients and provide them with the better and better products in quality and better service, and SHARE is also welcoming new clients.

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