Sealed Nylon Mesh Bags for Biopsy in Medical Industry

Compared with other synthetic meshes, nylon is preferred to be make into mesh bags for biopsy application, nylon mesh is moisture absorbing, reducing small specimen loss and easy to be peeled off, what is more, bottom part is reinforced while two sides are easy to be opended by hand.

1. Quality Nylon Mesh: SHARE uses quality nylon filter mesh (SGS Certified) for making the nylon mesh bags, which are three sides sealed with one side open; This design allows easy peeling off, however, SHARE uses production technique to reinforce bottom sealing while keeping two sides not strongly sealed, so duing the engross, bags will be a whole and allow no specimen loss.

2. Good Design and Sealing:

Thinking of easy-peel-off, SHARE is using sealing technique to seal three edges while leaving one side open with a 7mm flap.

3. Three Sizes available and SHARE is capable of customizing mesh bags at different sizes, shapes

Major Sizes: 30mm x 50mm

                 45mm x 75mm

                 75mm x 95mm

All above three major designs have 7mm flap for easy handling and peeling off.



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