Nut Milk Mesh Filter Bags

Nut Milk Mesh Filter Bags (Juicing Bags, Sprouting Bags)

In our daily life, we see the presence of filter bags here and there, which are made of micron-rated filter felts and filter meshes and other filters made of different material, such as soybean milk, nut milk; After we use the milk machine to make nut milk or soybean milk, we don't get pure milk which are good for drinking right away, we still need to filter out the residues from the milk, then a kind of mesh filter bag should be used and applied here.

SHARE produces various kinds of filter meshes and has the capability of making filter mesh into difference ready-for-use filter products, such as drawstring mesh filter bags made of nylon filter mesh for milk filtration, all meshes are food-grade and silicon-free.

Nylon filter mesh used for making nut milk filter bag is JPP43T-80, with micron rating: 150um. 

Item: Mono-filament Nylon Filter Mesh
Mesh Count: JPP43T or 110tpi (threads per inch)
Thread Diameter: 80um
Mesh Opening: 150um

Different mesh openings are available according to the filtration needs, for example, if you need to filter out particles larger than 100um, then we can choose mesh with opening: 100um, any particles larger than this will be filtered out and smaller will go together with the liquid.



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