Kufner Reeds for Weaving Mesh

In order to improve the quality of polyester printing mesh, SHARE has imported kufner reeds to produce polyester printing mesh; Polyester printing meshes over 77T are woven by Kufner Reeds, which can secure even mesh hole, and greatly improve the mesh quality.

Introduction to Kufner Weaving Reeds from Germany

K├╝fner has been manufacturing high-quality weaving reeds ever since it was first established back in 1951. More than half a century's experience and an innate willingness to innovate make our weaving reeds what they are today: Weaving reeds that put down global benchmarks thanks to their superior quality and precision. And to ensure Kufner doesn't relinquish this position, Kufner is working systematically to upgrade our quality assurance regime even further.


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